Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday. You know what that means. Time for me to slow down for a minute and think back on all the good in the last week.

1. The absolute best part of last week was the holiday weekend. We did not have a single thing planned. Three glorious days with no plans, no pressure and no schedule. The days seemed so long and leisurely since we spent them reading, going to an impromptu movie (Angles and Demons, which we both liked) and just generally goofing off. This does not happen often enough and I'm very thankful that we didn't have any Memorial Day plans.

2. Speaking of the holiday weekend, I am grateful to all the service people who lost their lives in wars and other military action to protect our freedoms. And likewise, I am thankful for all of our men and women serving in the military now and all our veterans. You all have my heartfelt thanks.

3. I am thankful that I cleared my calendar last Friday to make sure I could get caught up on all the "stuff" that was piling up around here. Phew! It was a busy day. But good busy. And I felt such a sense of relief to have all those little (and not so little) things done! Hallelujah!

4. And lastly, I am thankful to Valentine and Demosthenes at Letters from Valentine , Beth at be careful what you wish for , and Clare at this and that for awarding me the Queen of All Things Awe-summm!!! Award! Wow! I'm so flattered and honored to be the recipient of such a cool award. Thanks ladies. I really do appreciate it. It made my week.

How about you? Can you think of any thing (big or small) that went well this week? What are you Thankful for?

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Tammy Howard said...

A long weekend with no definite plans is good, good stuff!

I'm so thankful that it finally seems to be warm for keeps!

Terra said...

and I am thankful for reading your posts each week. I always leave smiling!

Alex the Girl said...

Ah, was Angels and Demons better than The Da Vinci Code?

I am thankful for good blogs to read. So, thanks, Pam.

Anita said...

I'm thankful the school year is ending. I like reading your Thursday post, it makes me feel so good.

Jenna said...

Pam, where have you been and why haven't you been my friend before this?! Soo excited to find your Blog.

Yes, I just finished my MA in Children's Literature. There are very few schools in this country where you can do this, but I happened to go to the "best" one! The degree has been around since the mid 1970's, but has just gained in popularity in the last ten (The Harry Potter Effect, I suppose!)

I don't specialise in any area, but I do have my favourites. I'm particularly interested in picturebooks and nonfiction for middle grades, and I like Crossover YA a lot.

I hadn't heard of the RI Teen Book Award before, so I'd be interested to hear about your experience on a committee.

I'm so happy Clare led you to my Blog!

Pam said...

Tammy - You are lucky it is warm for keeps there. Winter just does not want to let go of its hold on us here. Brr!

Alex - I liked Angels and Demons. I remember being lukewarm on Da Vinci Code, but it could be because I had read the book close to when I saw the movie and the movie deviated from the book in important ways, I thought.

Anita - School doesn't end here until June 23! I'm glad Thankful Thursday makes you happy!

Jenna - Glad Clare led me to your blog too. It's getting late here and I'm exhausted, but I do want to answer your question about the Teen Book Award. I will try to find an email address for you tomorrow and answer there. And thanks for becoming my newest follower. I appreciate it!

Pam said...

Terra! - How the heck did I skip your comment. Like I said I'm exhausted and literally can't see straight. Sorry about that! Anyway, I'm so flattered that you enjoy reading me blog every week and that you leave smiling. That just makes my day.

C said...

I'm thankful that it's the weekend, and I have time to get everything done before the non-stop traveling that will be June! :)


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