Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays are all about taking the time to appreciate all the little things that actually went right during the week. I am someone who can get flustered very easily - even when the smallest thing goes wrong. So why not focus on all the little things that went right and be grateful?
1. For the second weekend in a row, Geoff and I were able to find the time to go to the movies AND there was a movie we both wanted to see. Miracle of miracles. We saw Julie and Julia. We both loved it! It's a wonderful movie. I highly recommend it.
2. And... for the second weekend in a row (!), I was able to spend a little time at the beach. I took my chair, a book (of course) and a bottle of water. This time I even walked along the beach from one end to the other. Ahhh! Nothing like ocean (OK, bay) therapy. Good for what ails you!
3. Yesterday I was able to attend my first Reading Across RI meeting! I've been so excited to attend one of these meetings. (I missed the first one because we were on vacation). There were about 20 people there. Most seemed very nice (though for some reason one woman in particular intimidated me a bit). Anyway, in true Pam fashion I probably said too much (considering I'm the new girl on the block). I'm not one to hide my opinions in situations like this. I don't mean that I was rude in any way, but I did present a dissenting opinion a couple of times. Afterwards, I felt like maybe I shouldn't have. Oh well. I didn't get on this committee to sit quietly and not give my opinions. (No one listened to me anyway)
4. Tonight I have book club! I wasn't able to be at book club last month (darn vacation, again!) and I missed it. I enjoy this group of friends, our night out at a local restaurant and discussing the book. I'm itching for 7:00 pm to get here. Not to mention I'm really hungry! I've been thinking about the wood grilled pizza all day!
How about you? What are you thankful for?
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Tammy Howard said...

Julie and Julia looks absolutely adorable! How can a movie about a blogger miss?

Beach time, reading time, you go girl!

Carolyn said...

I'm so jealous of your book club tonight. I wish I was in one. I almost started one of my own a couple of years ago but all my friends said they didn't think they had enough time. Maybe I'll try again this year. Enjoy your pizza!

Gibby said...

I want to see Julie and Julia so bad! I loved the book. Hubs is dragging his feet a little, though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

I saw the movie Julie and Julia. I loved it! It was inspiring and funny. Very entertaining.



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