Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Theater Review: Shooting Star

On Friday night Geoff and I attended a production of Shooting Star at Trinity Rep with our friends. This was the second play in Trinity's 2009-2010 season and I was very excited about it. I knew I wanted to see this play as soon as I read its description:

A young man and woman fell in
love, and promised each other
they'd change the world. Twenty
years later, they meet in a a snow-
bound airport and rediscover
each other - and themselves
- in a smart romantic comedy.

I love movies and books (and plays) that deal with this topic. I'm intrigued by stories that deal with people's life journeys and how they end up where they are. And if they are happy with where they end up. And I wonder if they look back and wonder how they got there. Or if they question how their lives veered from their original plan (if it did, in fact, veer). So the topic of this play was fascinating to me. The fact that it's billed as a smart romantic comedy only served to sweeten the pie. As I read more about this play, I also learned that it contains only two characters and the actors who were cast in the roles are actually husband wife. Even more interesting.

I'm happy to report that the play did not disappoint. The set was simple yet wonderful and very effective. The stage looked exactly like the waiting area of an airport with rows of metal chairs, a gray tile looking floor and a wall of windows with snow falling outside! Very cool. The actors, Nance Williamson and Kurt Rhoads, were absolutely amazing. They are not Trinity Rep regulars though both have acted at Trinity in the past. It was fascinating to watch a one act play with only two characters who were basically on stage the entire time. The dialogue was very funny (especially that of quirky, hippie Elena).

Throughout the course of the play the story of Reed and Elena's relationship is revealed as they reminisce and rehash their past. And each of them reveal more of themselves to each other now than they did in the past. Overall, the play was very good. The storyline and the topics covered where much more serious than I had anticipated. I wasn't expecting the play to be so "heavy". And there was one scene in which Elena has a phone conversation with Reed's daughter that I thought crossed a line, but other than that it was really wonderful. If you have a chance to see Shooting Star at Trinity (or at a theater new you), I highly recommend it.

Image from Trinity Rep's Website


Tammy Howard said...

I had never heard of this play - it sounds very cool!

Esther said...

Yeah, I enjoyed it, too. And I also thought being able to look out the windows and see the snow was a very cool effect. Nance Williamson was especially terrific but she does have the showier of the two roles.


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