Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Rat in a Maze...Again!

Well my good luck with driving in Boston has run out. Once again I was a rat in a maze driving in circles on one way streets, making numerous illegal u-turns and cutting off big, burly men in large trucks.

On Tuesday I was invited by my college friend, Kristen, to attend a private tour of the Museum of Fine Arts. The tour was being led by an artist and teacher who would give us an insider's look into the museum building itself and would highlight some of the museum's more famous works. How could I say no? Even if it did mean driving into the heart of hell Boston. Again. As you all know, I haven't always had the best track record driving in Beantown. But, the last time I went, I did great! So with my new found confidence, I gathered up my MapQuest directions and away I went. And the gods laughed. I got hopelessly lost, drove in circles and broke every traffic law known to man. But, I made it!

The tour was totally worth getting lost. Our guide knew a lot about the history of the museum and the different collections. He showed us a wide variety of artwork - from sculpture, to ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek artifacts to John Singer Sargent murals and paintings. But my favorite moment came when we were looking at a famous Sargent painting, Daughters of Edward Darley Boit.

I was not familiar with this painting (even though it is apparently quite famous). As the guide was talking about the unusual composition of the painting he compared it to another famous painting by the Spanish painter, Velazquez. He couldn't recall the name of the painting and was describing it and gesturing to explain the skirt of the young girl in the painting while searching for the name.

I nearly jumped out of my seat, because I knew exactly what painting he was referring to! I had seen it in Madrid with our friends, Amy and Roberto, this past summer. Roberto had proudly shown us this painting and explained its composition to us. I immediately called out Las Meninas (I'm pretty sure I mangled the Spanish pronunciation, but he knew what I was talking about). This was such a great moment for me. It felt so good to be able to connect those dots in that moment. I love when that happens. Of course, my bubble was burst when I left the museum and was trapped in a labyrinth of one of streets and was seriously worried that I would never find my way out of Boston. Maybe I need to give the GPS another try. Ugh!


Mommakin said...

You got to be the smart kid in the class! Awesome!

(The ride home? That's like gym class for a lot of smart kids. Just put there to keep you humble...)

Ronnica said...

I love that painting! I've never enjoyed an art museum, except for the Prado, because a teacher took us on a tour and explained them all. So neat!

Sandy said...

Doncha love it when that happens? Bet they were all impressed. Work on the GPS's really not that difficult.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS!

I had to comment about your Suze Orman quote-- gosh, love that woman. She is so brutally accurate!


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed that you remembered the name of the painting in Spain.

If it makes you feel any better, I got lost in Boston 2 weeks ago and made it to my location with only 3 minutes to spare. This was for a work function and I was frantic. I thought I had allowed for plenty of time in case I got lost but I will leave earlier next time. My map quest directions were so wrong...I called David almost in tears.

Anyway you make me laugh.


Gamma Sharon said...

How wonderful you made it on time. I think I am jealous... some day I will get back east and do some exploring! I especially want to come in the fall.


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