Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sentimental Sunday

It's been a while since I've posted a Sentimental Sunday picture. Since this is the last Sunday before Christmas, I thought I'd post a photo of our current Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree is truly very sentimental because each and every ornament on it tells a story. But you'll have to wait to hear more about that. I will be writing a post about it next week.... Sorry to keep you on the edge of your seats. LOL!

Oh and just for fun, here's a few pictures of what I woke up to this morning. These were take from the garage, there was no way I could even contemplate wading through all that snow to get a picture of my house from the street. Maybe after the snow plow comes. There isn't much I like better than a snowed in Sunday! I've been looking forward to today since they began predicting the "big snow" on Friday!

This is a picture of our side door from the garage. As you can see, we can not even open the door! YAY!

Here's Katie's car. Look how high the snow is on the tires.

What a guy!

The pine trees on the side of my house. Don't they look glorious! I love winter!


MissKris said...

It's so lovely when it first falls and everything is so pristine and white. But ugh...too bad it has to get all black and icy and downright yucky before it disappears! We had a lot of snow here in Portland last winter but so far nothing much more than gray skies and rain. At least it's easy to get around in!

Anita said...

I had to call in each member of my family to see your pictures, so so beautiful! I'm not a cold weather girl, never have been, but I completly admit that it's so lovely at Christmas and to look at. I wouoldn't mind being snowed in as long as there was plenty of food and heat!!(oh and books of course).
Have a wonderful day!

Diane said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...LOL

Happy Holidays

Gail Foelsch said...

Look at all that snow! You must have missed it all those years in AZ! To tell you the truth, that's one of the few things I do NOT miss from NY - I'm in no hurry to go back to doing what Geoff is doing.

I hope it lasts and you get a white Christmas (my Mom said they were predicting rain before Christmas in her area).

Karen said...

I have to admit the snow does look amazing.

And I love your tree. It's so pretty!

Sandy said...

Great pictures. I have so many photos of storms past that I didn't even bother last weekend! Except a video I took of Lucy bounding through the snow like a little deer. The tree looks great!

Gibby said...

Sooooo, I guess you're still shoveling???


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