Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing...New England Bloggers

For awhile now I've been a member of blogging group called New England Bloggers which was started by Elizabeth of Thoughts of an Evil Overlord as a way for NE bloggers to find each other. Right now New England Bloggers is hosting a blog carnival called Introducing... New England Bloggers, where members visit another NE Blogger and then introduce them on their own blogs. I've never participated in a blog carnival before, but it sounded like fun. It was very easy to decide which member to introduce here on Pam's Perspective. Her blog title says it all. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Jem from A Reading Journal.

As her title suggests, Jem blogs about books and other book, library and literature related topics! What's not to love? She lives in Nashua, NH, is a member of several book clubs (both in person and online) and she studied literature in college. I'm so jealous. Why didn't I think of that when I was a college student? Think of all the time I wasted not reading and learning about great books.

Anyway, back to Jem. She has two very cool lists on her sidebar. One consists of links to photos she has taken of various libraries around the country. Who knew I wasn't the only person who obsessively takes photos of libraries when I travel to new places. The other list consists of posts she has written about her "Literary Excursions", which include visits to the homes of Robert Frost, Edith Wharton and Louisa May Alcott. How cool is that? This is something I've been meaning to do for a while now and my personal book club was just discussing this very thing as a way to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2012. I think it was serendipity that I found Jem and A Reading Journal. But that's not all, she is also participating in a reading challenge. And not just any reading challenge, but an Art History Reading Challenge. Really? This is uncanny. I just spent the last 9 months taking an Art History Workshop at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum! I think Jem just might be my long lost twin.

In addition to all that, she also writes very concise and informative book reviews. And the books she's reads are fascinating. They are not your standard "hot" books that are on every list from Oprah to the NYT. She finds interesting and amazing books that I'm not familiar with ( and I work in two libraries and am surrounded by books). Amazing. Her newest post is the fictionalized account of a real life legal case of unintentional bigamy that takes place in the late 1800s. It sounds fascinating.

Needless to say, I've added A Reading Journal to my blog roll and a few books to my tbr list. I think that all you bookworms would love Jem's blog as well. If you do visit her, let her know you're visiting compliments of the NE Bloggers Blog Carnival.

Interested in visiting other NE Bloggers? Here's the complete Blog Carnival List. Maybe you'll find a blog or two that speaks to you, too.


Cheryl said...

Pam, I'm so glad you found Jem. When I saw her blog on the list I immediately thought about you.

Jem said...

Pam, Thank you for the introduction. I am so glad that you like my blog. I am also glad to have found your blog as it looks like we may have some common interests.

Thanks again,

Jen said...

Hey Pam! I'm a NE blogger! I'm going to check out the site and Jem's blog. Thanks, as always, for the recommendations. :-)

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, that does sound like a good blog, right up my alley! I'll have to go and check it out.

I'm tempted to add my blog to the NE list because people always think Delaware is in New England (mostly because it's small and no one knows where it is)! ha ha I won't cheat, though.

Thanks for the heads up on some new and interesting blogs!


Elizabeth said...

I subscribe to many book blogs, too! I love Jem's library photos, I think that's a really fun idea for a reader.
Thanks for participating in the carnival!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

No longer live in NE. Left CT about 22 years ago. But eager to check out Jem's blog now that I'm reading again. I didn't realize you could major in literature either. Something about gainful employment.


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