Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Review: The Secret Currency of Love edited by Hilary Black

Some of you may have noticed that the Currently Reading list on my sidebar usually has two books listed. Those of you who know me well may be wondering what's up with that, since I've always claimed to be able to read only one book at a time. Well, I recently discovered a solution to a problem that has been vexing me for quite a while now. You see, it seems that I am unable to recall anything that I read right before I go to sleep. The next day, when I pick up my book, I have no idea what the heck is happening in the story. I usually have to go back at least 5 pages or so and reread what I had already read the night before. This is extremely frustrating for me. What I discovered is that if I read a book of essays or some other non-fiction that is merely interesting and not something I have to remember every detail of to follow the story, it just doesn't really matter if I can't remember what I read the night before. I thoroughly enjoy what I'm reading at that (sleepy) moment and the next night I just move on. It works like a charm! Of course, it does take forever to finish one of these "sleepytime tales", but again it just doesn't matter all that much.

The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth about Women, Money, and Relationships edited by Hilary Black is just such a book. It is a book of essays written by 28 female authors who share their deepest feelings about money and how it effects their relationships - with others and even with themselves. The essays are written from many different perspectives and all of the authors are surprisingly candid and open in revealing their often conflicted relationship with money. I found myself identifying with each of the authors as they described how money has influenced, hindered, freed and seduced them. This was a thought-provoking and insightful book. One I would recommend...and not just for bedtime reading.


Celine said...

It happens to me too Pam but only when I'm really tired.
Do you have to do this everytime you pick up your book?
Have a fantastic day!

Pam said...

Hi Celine - It happens every time I read at night before bedtime. Usually it doesn't happen if I read during the day. So, reading non-fiction really solves the problem for me.

Bridget said...

That is a great idea. I used to read and read and lately I can not read a book to save my life. I almost always have to re-read too!

Debbie said...

That is a brilliant solution. Sometimes I wonder if I ever remember what I read. I have checked the same book out of the library four times and haven't remembered I've read it until I have gotten it home and started it again!

Pam said...

Hi Mommy - I can totally relate. Try a book of Non-fiction or short stories and see if it helps.

Hi Debbie - I have done the exact same thing. I now keep a list of everything I've read (if you click on "good reads my read shelf" on my sidebar you can see the list). I know it sounds crazy and it is, but it works for me. What can I say, I'm a "crazy library lady".


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