Monday, February 16, 2009

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Ever notice how there are either a million movies you want to see or none at all? Usually when I have the time to go to the movies there is nothing I want to see. Of course since there is currently a long list of movies I want to see, I either can't find the time or someone to go with. Well, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and I went to the movies yesterday afternoon and again today (by myself)! I know, I'm really living on the edge, right? Anyway yesterday I finally saw Revolutionary Road, which was the movie I most wanted to see. The whole idea of "the road not taken" really intrigues me. I thought the movie was pretty good. A bit melodramatic. I came away feeling as though it's important not to be afraid to make changes in your life if it will make you happy. No one should be made to feel as though they need to live their lives in some way that has been prescribed by society or by someone else's expectations. At the very least, we should all make sure that there is some small measure of joy in our lives, each and every day.

*Spoiler alert for the movie Doubt*

Today I saw Doubt. First, I must say, that Meryl Streep is an absolutely amazing actress. She really is phenomenal. But, the movie was frustrating for me and my Type A personality. I can not believe that they left the whole question unanswered in the end. Are you kidding me?! Yeah, I get it, the title is Doubt, but come on! This is really one movie that needs to be seen with a group of people so that you can have a "movie discussion" afterward. I felt as though I had read a really good book with an ambiguous ending and I needed my book club to sit down with me and hash it all out. So much for being independent and taking matters into my own hands. Oh well. I'm still glad I got to see the movie. If anyone has seen it, I'd love to talk it over with you....

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I just read all your posts or blogs (I am not sure what they call them!) That, I am sure is high on the lame-o-meter. I must say, you have a certain literary talent. They are fun to read. The funniest was... anonymous said.....Mother! I look forward to reading more when I get the chance. Hi and love to everyone.


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