Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Heard it Here First

AHA!! Just this minute on The Today Show, Ann Curry and Matt Lauer were discussing the "Octupulet Case" and Matt Lauer made mention of the the fact that Nadya Suleman bears a strong resemblance to Angelina Jolie!!!!! They even posted side by side pictures of the two women. I wonder if they will explore this resemblance any further? I wonder, too, if this is a natural or "enhanced" resemblance?

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Sandy Soares said...

Okay, here I am commenting on that nut with the 14 kids (God help those children). The first time I saw her in an interview I immediately saw the resemblance to Angelina. However, I wouldn't even bother to comment on it. When I saw the side-by-side photos with Jolie yesterday on the Today show I wondered....Is this intentional on her part?? Does she think they're going to make a movie about her and Jolie will play her?? But the breathy voice and wanting to mother of the world.....plus the way she had her hair combed....she THINKS she is Jolie. I do think it's intentional because today they showed an earlier interview with her and she had her hair combed differently and it lessened the resemblance. This whole story is like watching a train wreck.


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