Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I'm happy to report that my weekend improved dramatically from watching movies while lurking in doorways! On Saturday night, Geoff and I spent a grown up night out with another couple. We went out for a wonderful dinner at Geoff's favorite restaurant - Nick's (where he eats lunch or dinner several times a week!) and to the Festival Ballet's performance of A Thousand & One Nights. Now, I know going to the Ballet might not seem to register much higher on the Lame-o-meter than how I spent Friday night, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the show. The costumes were incredibly beautiful, the sets were elaborate and the choreography was more than impressive. I could not get over how athletic and difficult the dances were. The principal dancers were all incredibly talented and never failed to amaze me with the speed and duration of their turns, the height of their leaps and the death-defying nature of their lifts. If we hadn't had a free ticket I doubt very much that we would ever had attended a ballet (except maybe The Nutcracker). But, I will definitely consider it in the future. In a word, it was exhilarating!

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