Friday, April 17, 2009

College Road Trip - Take 2

Yesterday I took Katie to look at another college. This time in Connecticut. Again, I was armed with Map Quest directions, a road map and the hateful GPS - fully programmed with the correct address this time (once again there were multiple choices, but this time Katie checked with me as to the correct one. Is she college material or what?)

Off we went. I was feeling confident that I would be able to navigate our way there since we were not venturing into enemy territory Boston. Not too far into our journey the GPS, yet again, wanted to direct me to a route that differed from (trusty) Map Quest. But, this time I would not be fooled. I followed Map Quest and shrilly instructed Katie to turn off the GPS before it could have a chance to tell me I was doing it wrong! Take that! Apparently, I am able to learn from my mistakes, too!

And, miracle of miracles, we made it there unscathed and without the need for loud voices or colorful language. And the best part was that Katie really liked this college! This is the first one that we've looked at that she really liked! Yippee!

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Tammy Howard said...

Yippee indeed!!! Good for Katie, good for you!

I don't have a GPS, and sometimes I think I want one - but I hear too many stories telling me I reeeeeally don't...

Anita said...

Yay for Katie liking this college That's one good step.
I was out and about yesterday with my google map and GPS yesterday. I knew the route 80% of the way there, and that dang GPS wanted to take me another way twice, but I held my ground and she did recalculate correctly....LOL. Am I really personifying this object..............oh yes!

Ms.Emily said...

I once had a gps tell me to turn into an empty parking lot and tell me I had arrived at my destination when I was still hours away! LOL

sounds like the scoping out of the colleges is going well

have a good weekend


3 Guesses said...

I would just like to point out that I was there too, and thanks for acknowledging my existence...

Anonymous said...

Pam........It sounds like yesterday went much, much better than Monday. I am very pleased about that for your sake and for Katie's. I am happy that she also liked the school. All positive steps. Now you can gear up for the summer and perhaps check out many other schools of interest....have a good weekend. Colleen

c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

Awesome! I'm glad she liked the college.

Pam said...

Tammy - If you've lived this long without GPS, you don't really need it. The place it would be most useful (in unfamiliar cities) is where it actually least useful.

Anita - You're lucky your GPS recalculated based on the route YOU wanted to take. Mine just turned me around and sent me back the way SHE wanted me to go. Stubborn thing!

Emily - Yup! Yet another reason not to listen to an inanimae object.

3 Guesses(otherwise known as my younger daughter, Madeleine) - I'm sorry! Yes, of course you were there. I guess it didn't seem important to mention that you nagged me into spending $3.00 on Baditude "pills" in the bookstore! LOL! I'm glad you came. You are always good company!

Colleen - It does feel good to have finally found a college that Katie is excited about. Now we have something to go on when looking at otehr schools. Yay!

Tink (and everyone else) - Thanks so much for your good wishes. I really appreciate it!


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