Saturday, April 18, 2009

TV Quick Quips

It's Saturday, so it must be time for TV Quick Quips. I really missed Friday Night Lights this week. And that made me realize that soon all my favorite shows will be on hiatus. Bummer! I'll just have to spend the summer catching up all the movies in my Netflix queue. As always, TV Quick Quips contain spoilers.

The Tudors - The only thing that really jumped out at me in this episode is how handsome the actor is that plays Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Hubba hubba. That's all I've got! If that's shallow and juvenile - oh well. But before you judge me, take a look at that picture and tell me I'm wrong. Go on! Didn't think so. LOL!

American Idol - From the very first episode Alison, Adam and Lil have been my favorites. As the show has progressed, I've really come to love Danny, too. But, I have to say that after the last few weeks, Lil has moved out of my top 3. I feel bad about that, but she's no longer the vibrant, dynamic singer she was in the beginning. That being said, I think the bottom 3 was right on this week. Not sure I would used the save for Matt, though.

LOST - Well the good news this week is that nothing happened that completely confused me. Though I did get the impression that I was supposed to be surprised when Farriday showed up in 1977. I was a little surprised, but only because I realized that before that moment I wasn't questioning why he wasn't there already. Anyone remember why Farriday wasn't with Miles? At this point, I don't worry about all the stuff I don't get and/or remember. I'm just hanging on till the end, when I hope it will all come together. Wishful thinking? Maybe....

The Office - It was so nice to finally see Jim and Pam making plans for their wedding - even if they were just yanking Andy's chain. Makes me hopeful that we will see some real wedding plans before the end of the season. Because as much as I love the humor of The Office, it was the romance between Jim and Pam that first grabbed my attention. And that's what keeps me watching. So, I hope we get to see more of them in the coming weeks.

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Tammy Howard said...

Re: The Tudors. You are not wrong. That is all.

Shelley said...

The Tudors, YUMMO. Wow he looks good. Much better than that king dude.
American Idol - I definitely would not have saved Matt. But that's just me.
Don't watch Lost.
And don't watch the Office, but you are right on about that Tudors guy.

Clare said...

Hubba Hubba is right! Thanks for visiting my blog and being my newest follower! I have always loved the office and lately it has been lagging. I love Jim and Pam. If the writers split them up I will not watch! Thanks for saying you like my voice. If you heard it, it would be an odd mix of british and american

Pam said...

Tammy - You always make me laugh. Plus I love it when I am right!

Shelley - I agree. Mr. YUMMO (LOL) is much easier on the eyes than the "king dude". Too funny!

Clare - I agree that The Office has been lagging of late (I can not even believe I said that "out loud"). I have been obsessed with that show for so long it seems sacrilegious to even think that - let along write it out there for all the world to see. But, I will perserve in the hopes that at some point it will return to the greatness that was season 2.

Gamma Sharon said...

Until I saw Farriday I had forgot that he was with them when the island quit moving through time. But I am still hooked.
As far as American Idol Adam is the best they have ever had on this show. Then I think Danny is next in line and then I like Kris. Alison is very good but she is starting to sound the same in every song.
I think you are right about the bottom 3.

Pam said...

Sharon - You know what, you are right about Alison. I hadn't really thought about that before. Adam is still my favorite with Danny a close second and Kris is growing on me.

Clare said...

Adam is by the far the best that Idol has ever had. If he does not win, I still think he has a marvelous career ahead of him. I agree, I don't think that I would have used the save for Matt. Now 2 have to go. Boo I think it will be Matt and Lil

Pam said...

Clare - I agree that Adam will have a singing career when Idol is over, whether he wins or not. And I think you're right about Matt and Lil as well.


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