Friday, April 24, 2009

Tag - You're It

Wow! How exciting is this? Alex, the author of Please Try Again, has tagged me. I am supposed to reveal thirteen things about myself and then tag other bloggers to do the same. OK, here goes...

1. As you all probably know by now, I am a serious bookworm. But, I NEVER like the book that wins the Pulitzer Prize, with one notable exception. Weird, right? The one I liked? Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri.

2. Of all the thousands of books I've read in my life, my two absolute favorites are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith and The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. Actually, I only read The Good Earth a couple of years ago and it was very hard for me to decide if I liked it more than A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. So, I decided it was a tie. No other book has ever come close to these two.

3. I am undeniably one of the most unphotogenic people on the planet. No, I mean it. I even had a photographer say it to me - in the nicest possible way, of course. I kid you not!

4. I am extremely patriotic. I get goosebumps and all teary eyed during the star spangled banner.

5. Spangled is my favorite word. And it doesn't have anything to do with being patriotic. I just like the way it sounds and the images it evokes. Something shiny, glittery and star shaped. Love it!

6. I am completely addicted to my calendar. I have one of those large spiral notebook-type calendars with four columns and the day broken up into 15 minute increments. It is my "bible" and I would be lost without it.

7. My maternal grandparents played a huge role in my upbringing and childhood. When they passed away, it was like losing my parents. They were such an important part of my life and I still miss them.

8. I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was 5 years old until sophomore year in college when I realized I wasn't getting good enough grades (in college) to get into med school. It was a catastrophic time for me. I thought about going into nursing, but was talked out of it by a college counselor. Worse advice I ever got. I still regret it.

9. I am the oldest of 2. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than I am. Growing up I was always glad I didn't have any sisters. I had a friend who had 3 sisters who were always taking (and ruining) her clothes, make up, nail polish, etc. Now, I really wish I did have a sister. I see how close my friends are to their sisters and I really feel as though I'm missing out on that. I sure do hope my girls grow up to be best friends (not looking so good right now, however. LOL!)

10. I am a perfectionist. This can be quite a burden at times. At others, it can be a real blessing. But, it's a lot of pressure - all the time.

11. I love winter. I really do. Most people here in RI, moan and complain from December till April. Not me. I enjoy every minute of it! OK, almost every minute of it.

12. I do not like gardening or yard work, AT ALL! This is why Spring is my least favorite season. I dread getting out there and cleaning up the beds. And I'm not one of those people who can't wait to plant something as soon as the weather warms up. I'm lucky if I plant a pot of flowers next to my front door. Some years I do, some I don't. Jury's still out for this year.

13. I love the smell of the sea. Even at low tide. Really! When my kids were little we lived in AZ and would visit RI every summer. I would take them to a little beach that has a "clam-like" smell most of the time. The girls would wrinkle up their cute little noses and complain. And I would take a deep breath and say how much I loved it. They couldn't understand why. I told them that it was because I used to be a mermaid. They totally bought that! And they believed it for a LONG time. To this day, whenever I see any mermaid "stuff" I smile. Who knows, maybe it's true ;)

OK, so now you know a little bit more about me. Fascinating, right? Now I'm supposed to tag three of you. I'm tagging:

Anita at A Wife, A Woman, A Mom
Tammy at Keep in Touch with Mommakin
Becky at FranticMommy

Can't wait to read your answers (if you decide to play. Please don't feel obligated).

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Alex the Girl said...

Tammy better play. I felt so guilty about not tagging her when EYE know she'd probablly have amaziing things to say.

I"m totally with you on #1. Honestly, I can't understand how some pulitzers win.

Yeay, you played, and played fast too!

Always a Southern Girl said...

I love winter too. We lived in Connecticut for 3 years. I moved there after having lived in South Mississippi all my life before that! Ha. Winter was a shock. But the snow is sooo beautiful, except when it turns all black on the side of the road...

BrnEyedGal said...

Im with you on loving Winter...and I do love flowers but dislike the planting!
What a cute blog...I love the design and Im a follower now!
Thanks for visiting my nice to meet new people!
Have a great weekend.

Pam said...

Alex - I hope Tammy plays, too. Did you see her post today? It's awesome. Everyone, go check out Keep in Touch with Mommakin's post (there's a link to her blog on my sidebar) - If you Give a Mom a Margarita. I guarantee it will be the best laugh you've had all day (maybe all week).

Southern Girl - So glad to know I'm not the only lunatic that likes winter.

BrnEyedGal- Another winter lover. YAY! Join the club. Thanks for the compliments on my blog design. It's pretty new and I'm still so excited about it. Also, thanks for becoming my newest follower. I'm so flattered.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, Pam, you TAGGED me!!! And you and Alex are both waiting for an answer... no pressure or anything :-)

I'm gonna sleep on it and try to get something posted tomorrow.

Thank you for being such a cheerleader today! Everyone needs a cheerleader from time to time and few of us get them often enough.

Hip Hip - Hooray!

Tammy Howard said...

Oh! I got so caught up in me-me-me that I almost forgot: A mermaid! Awesome!

Pam said...

Tammy - Looking forward to seeing your answers! I was happy to be your cheerleader today! Your post was awesome!

Anita said...

Oh my, when you mentioned being patriotic........I was screaming, oh me too, and sentimental. Yesterday when watching 1776 I teared up at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but then it was more tears when in the finale they sing "America".....I was glad it was dark, I must have looked like a fool!
I'm planner addicted, and I don't like yard work, but I don't like winter, sorry..LOL.
I love the ocean/sea too, I could walk a beach for relaxing!

Pam said...

Anita - 4 out of 5's not bad. Glad you liked 1776. I love going to the theater - especially when it evokes an emotional or visceral response. I'm always amazed when that happens.

Crystal said...

I am an R.N., at least in my former life before five kids ; ) My College Counselor actually told me "You won't become a nurse." I had to prove him wrong!! I did become a nurse and graduated with honors. It was the BEST thing I ever did as far as my education. That is how I met my hubby : )

Pam said...

Crystal - good for you for following your heart and proving your counselor wrong! My counselor told me I would HATE being a nurse because since I really wanted to be a doctor I would resent taking orders FROM doctors. She was a staunch feminist and I should have taken that into consideration when she gave me her advice. But, I was 19 years old, confused and very upset. The point was to be in the medical profession. She could have offered some constructive ideas if she thought nursing was a bad idea - nurse practioner, physician's assistant, anything. Instead I got a lecture on bedpans and sponge baths. I will never forgive her for that!


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