Saturday, May 30, 2009

TV Quick Quips

And then there was one. What a sad and sorry TV Quick Quips this is. This past week was the last episode of the last of my favorite shows for the season. *sniff* It's always nice to have a slower pace in the summer, but I do miss my favorite shows.


The Tudors - OK, I know I've said this for the past two episodes of The Tudors, but I'm not liking the Duke of Suffolk's new cruel and conniving persona. And I can't really quite figure out where it's coming from. Purposefully getting the executioner drunk before Cromwell's execution so that it was an absolute butchering was just the last straw for me. I no longer have any sympathy for him. As a matter of fact, there are very few redeeming or sympathetic characters left on the show. Princess Mary is somewhat sympathetic, but her zealousness is starting to be apparent (of course, I know how she behaves when she finally takes the thrown). Anyway, I'm looking forward to next season. Can't wait to see how they portray the rest of the story and I hope it won't be the last season. Of course even after Henry dies, I suppose they can continue through Elizabeth's reign. Afterall, she is the last of the Tudor line. I hope that is the case. I guess we'll find out next season. I just wish I didn't have to wait so long.


Gamma Sharon said...

I have never watched this show... did you say it was on HBO?

Pam said...

Sharon - It's on Showtime. I'm pretty sure seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. You can probably get them from your local library :) if you're intersted. Season 3 just finished, so it won't be out on DVD for awhile. Let me know if you decide to try it and what you think. I will give you a warning, though. It is pretty racy (especially Season 1) - afterall it IS Showtime!

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

never watched this show either. I am going to have to check it out.

Alex the Girl said...

Ah, I've been playing catch up on Season Three, and I have to say it's fabulous. I was such a huge fan of the Duke that it made his new persona hard to swallow,even though Cromwell had it coming faster than a freight train. Thank goodness for On Demand or I'd never get to watch! Of course, JR makes you go all a lusty on King Henry...pity the history books couldn't make him out as hotly (is hotly a word? if not, let's make it one).

Pam said...

SAHM - It would be a great show to try this summer during the hiatus of all the TV series.

Alex - Hotly, it is. When Henry the VIII was a young man he was supposedly the most "handsome prince in Christendom". But he sure didn't age well. And I agree, Season 3 was great! Just far too short. I didn't realize how short HBO and SHO series are. Bummer.


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