Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday this week is going to be the Cliff's Notes edition. These are actually just my notes that I hoped to turn into a "real" post. Unfortunately, I've had a difficult week and have had to focus my attention elsewhere. I apologize, but I must admit I'm grateful that I had made these notes previously because it reminds me that even when life gets a little crazy, I still can still find things to be grateful for. I hope to be back with a fully fleshed out Thankful Thursday next week.

1. Madeleine made dinner for me on Friday night when I was completely exhausted . Greek pasta salad and chicken sausage.

2. Saturday drive to Logan Airport in Boston without a GPS(!) and didn't get lost! Drove right there - no problem. Of course, got stuck in traffic on the way home and it took an extra hour to get home!

How about you? What are grateful for?


Kathy B! said...

I am thankful that two of my four orphaned kittens have found good homes, and HOPEFUL that I'll find two more for the kittens.

Tammy Howard said...

I am thankful that I can drive again and don't feel quite so dependent.

Karen said...

I'm thankful that I get to leave work early today to go to the Angels' last regular season home game. And that my favorite pitcher is starting.

Sandy said...

Good job on the Logan run without getting lost.

I'm thankful business is picking up even though it's running me ragged and just as Adopt-A-Family is getting going!

Gamma Sharon said...

I have also had a very busy and exhausting last three weeks... hope to get back into my blog but I think it will be a couple more weeks before things quiet down. Hope everything went the way it was suppose to during your hectic week and that your mind is at ease!

C said...

These last couple weeks I've been very grateful for you Pam! The comments you've left on my blog have really meant a lot to me, and it's nice to know that a "virtual friend" can provide just as much comfort in times of crisis as any other friend. So thank you so much for thinking of me and my family while we've been going through this difficult time.

FranticMommy said...

I am thankful that I had enough presence of mind to sort through winter clothing NOW, not wait until the snows flies and the stores are sold out.
I am grateful I have a nice warm house to come home to at night...and most nights warm supper waiting!


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