Sunday, November 8, 2009

TV Quick Quips

Here's my take on this week's episodes of my favorite shows?

1. The Biggest Loser
- Thank goodness Tracey was finally voted off the show. I loved that Jillian admitted to the camera that she doesn't like Tracey! I'm liking Jillian more and more all the time. I must admit, however, that Tracey looks fabulous and she really was able to keep up the weight loss and healthy lifestyle after she went home. So, good for her! I'm going to have to complain about product placement again, though. What the heck's up with suggesting that Extra Gum will be a good snack alternative to ice cream?! Really?! I don't think you can convince people who are thin and not food lovers that gum can be a good substitute for ice cream. Let alone people with food issues. (Or ice cream lovers like me). I'm not buying that. No way. And lastly... What's up with Bob and Amanda? I think it's great that he motivates her and they have a connection. Does anyone else think maybe there's more to it? I don't have a problem with that (unless one of them is married. Are they?). I just noticed it and I was wondering if I'm the only one.

2. Modern Family
- What can I say. This show is just one great laugh after another. Loved the very end when Mitchell and Cam were pretending to figure skate and Cam yells "My turn" as he runs at Mitchell for a lift and the screen goes black. Brilliant! Geoff and I are still making jokes about that scene days later. Loved all the sweet and clever t-shirts Jay had made for his family to celebrate their accomplishments. Awww... But I think my favorite part was that they focused a bit more on the middle daughter, Alex, and her practical jokes on her brother and sister (charging the cell phone and iPod). I thought it was very clever how they took her nerdy, bookish personality and showed how she used that in a comedic way to get back at her snarky sister. Go Alex! I hope to see them develop the other minor characters as well. Another great episode.

4. Glee
- No new episode for the second week in a row! This is so disappointing. Especially since the last episode I saw was one I didn't enjoy. I'm kind of losing interest now. Not good. I hope it's back this week with a really great episode.

3. The Office
- Again Creed comes in with a zinger of a line (that paper wasn't supposed to be delivered). So random, so funny and so Creed. I liked that we got to see some Dwight/Andy one-upmanship and prankiness. That is definitely an area of the show that has the potential to be very funny. And one I think they should pursue. This weeks scenes were a little lacking, but the idea is good. Not sure how I feel about the whole Michael and Pam's mom scenario. I thought his birthday lunch and scrapbook was very cute and I liked that Pam and Jim were charmed by it. But then when the whole thing changed because of her age, I wasn't really sure how to feel. I didn't think it was funny. But it was typical awkward Michael Scott, just much more personal than most of his previous gaffes. What did all you Office fans think?

How about you? What did you all think of these episodes or those of your favorite shows?

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C said...

Glee is going to be back this week, and I hear the episode is supposed to be great...fingers crossed! Stupid baseball messing up my favorite TV shows...

Tammy Howard said...

Yeah, Michael has made me cringe many times - like he's supposed to - but usually I'm just embarrassed for him. This was one of the very few times when I just really didn't like him.

Modern family is just gold. Who's the Manny? I liked seeing Alex get a little screen time, too.

nan said...

I'm behind on my Netflix TV watching, and have not caught up to you on The Office . . . however I did discover a very funny little BBC America comedy called Gavin & Stacey. Season 1 is available on Netflix. You might enjoy it. As you get to know the characters it gets even funnier.

FranticMommy said...

I actaully had time to SIT and WATCH TV this weekend. It was crazy awesome! I watched (parts) of the trilogy The Libarian with Noah Wiley. It was really good!

Lesley said...

Yeah I so agree with you on tracey....and LOVE Modern Family....I needed a new show to give me a good laugh!

The Rambler said...

LOVED Modern Family this week. "Tell me why you have your panties in a bunch" Right...Cam line?

Yeah...I was a little uncomfortable with the whole Michael and Pam's mother thing....

Gibby said...

"Guilt fades...Hardware is forever."

Awesome line from Modern Family! I also like The Middle, too. That kid Brick is hysterical.


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