Thursday, August 26, 2010

She's Leaving Home - Bye, Bye....

Today we pack up the car and drive Katie to college to begin her Freshman year. We are so proud of her as she takes her first tentative steps in the next chapter of her life. But, there are other emotions, too. Long ago I cut this poem out of our local paper and tucked it into my calendar for August 2010. It says all I'm feeling, so much better than I ever could. Besides, I'm crying too hard to write anything coherent.
Hold Fast the Summer
Hold fast the summer. It is
the beauty of the day and all it
The laughter and work and
finally the sleep. The quiet.
Oh September, do not put
your weight upon my mind.
For I know she will be going.
This daughter of mine who is
now a woman — she must go.
Time will lace my thoughts
with joyous years.
The walls will echo her
“Hello”. Her caring will be
around each corner.
Her tears will be tucked into
our memory book.
Life calls her beyond our
reach — to different walls.
New faces, shiny halls, shy
smiles, many places.
Greater learning — she must
But wait, before she leaves, be
sure she knows you love her.
Hide the lump in your throat
as you hug her.
She will soon be home again
— but she will be different.
The little girl will have
How I wished I could take
September and shake it, for it
came too soon.
I must look to the beauty of
each new day, and silently
give thanks.
~Author Unknown
Note: The poem was originally written for a son. I have changed the wording to more adequately express my situation.


MissKris said...

And now the best part of life begins, my friend. NOW comes the stage in life where our adult children become 'friends'. You'll see what I mean. You'll savor the memories of their childhood, but there is so much ahead for you!

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely words, you will be fine, this is just the next stage in life's great adventure.

Elle said...

A beautiful, lovely poem. There's so much ahead for her, and you, as she grows and matures. This is yet another small stepping stone in the grand path of life, and sometimes taking those steps hurts a little bit for a little while. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Well now I'm crying! This is spectacular. Good luck to both of you on this new and incredible journey, and know that she needs you now more than ever even if it's not always in person.


Gail said...

The poem is beautiful -- I've cut and pasted in into my file where I save poems, essays, etc. that I like. I'll have to remember I have it in 4 yrs when I'm in your shoes.

~Kristen~ said...

Big hugs to you, and best wishes to your daughter on the start of an incredible new journey!!!

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, what a wonderful poem! I can't imagine, though we'll be there in just two short years.

I'd love to see the original version, about a son, if you have it.

Welcome to a new era of your life!


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Wow, really nice touching poem.

There's lots of great stuff ahead for you and for her --- enjoy!

Sandy said...

Sheesh, more of the same....tears. Lovely poem.


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