Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 52 - Week 2

Like most people who make New Year's Resolutions, I am off to a great start on meeting my Project 52 goals! Here's how I did last week:

1. Try one new non-soup recipe a month - 1/12 - I made German Schnitzel for my husband's birthday. It was delicious and I will definitely make it again.

2. Try 6 new soup recipes - 1/6 - One down, 5 to go. I made hamburger soup. I liked it, but the rest of the family was not all that enthusiastic about it. Too bad.

3. Cook 3 times per week - 1/52 -Done! Major accomplishment. I actually cooked 4 times this week! Can I roll over the fourth one to next week??? This is probably going to be one of the harder goals to complete week after week.

10. Walk or exercise 3 times a week - Oh yea! I walked three mornings last week with my neighbor. This one is going to be a challenge as well. I'm already behind this week.

31. Watch one Netflix movie per month - 1/12 - Another real challenge. Last week it just happened to work out that I finally finished watching the final season of The Tudors. Who knows when I'll find time to watch another full length movie or entire disc of TV episodes.

32. Go to the movies at least once a month - 1/12 - Another difficult goal for me, but Madeleine and I did go see The Fighter this past Saturday. I really enjoyed it. If you are interested, I highly recommend it.

33. Post at least once a week - 1/52 - So far, so good!

36. Keep fresh flowers in my family room - Check! I have to admit that this was a cheap victory. When I was trying to think of goals for Project 52, I noticed the flowers I had bought on my weekly grocery shopping trip and thought that it would be nice to have them there all the time. So really I had already completed this goal for last week before I wrote the post. Let's see if I can keep it up.

38. Just say "no" at work - I had something very specific in mind when I wrote this goal. And even though I haven't had an opportunity to meet that goal, I did have a chance to say a minor " no" and I did it ! And it's thanks to Project 52!! If I hadn't put this on my list of goals, it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to say no in this case. So I'm counting this as a minor victory in the bigger war.

40. Schedule one Mental Health Day (MHD) per month - 1/12 - Mission accomplished! I had originally scheduled a MHD for tomorrow, but then something came up that I couldn't work around. The next available day wouldn't have been till Friday. And I REALLY needed a MHD (which is why I put it on the list. Again, kind of cheap, I know.) Then everything fell into place so that Sunday could work as a MHD. Geoff and Katie are out of town and Madeleine is such a quiet and unobtrusive presence, that I knew I could have a peaceful and relaxing day even if she was home. And it worked and it was wonderful and I feel so much better today! Yay!

Not bad for Week 1. But it's early days yet. Let's hope I can keep the momentum going.


Katherine said...

That's awesome for week one. My week one was just coming up with goals, and you are already checking them off.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I admire that you made a list. I still only have it in my mind. Sort of.

boliyou said...

I'm enjoying following your progress on your goals. You're off to a great start!

Jennee said...

Wow! You did great for your first week! Learning to say no is a hard one for me too. Maybe I should have put that on my list too.

Terra said...

Well, I am wishing you all the best...the movie ones are lofty but fun and the walking...get out there feel so much better when you do -

Karen Peterson said...

That is an incredible first week. I'm glad you are off to such a great start.

I saw The Fighter and I was on the fence about it. I thought the acting was very, very good and I hope Wahlberg and Bale both score themselves some nominations. But I felt like the movie itself fell a little flat. There were parts where it felt that scenes were missing or something. I didn't dislike it. But I didn't love it either.

Sandy said...

I saw one of these challenges on another blog this week. I'm thinking of keeping it and trying to do it. It's not a week to week though. But I'm NOT going to blog about it. If I fail, it just makes me feel even guiltier and it doesn't give me any additional motivation. Good luck! I love most of them. I have made only one resolution for this year and you'll be proud of me....on the 15th of every month I have to PURGE. It might be a full closet clean-out or just one item but something has to go.


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