Friday, May 15, 2009

Nostalgia at the Chorus

This week Geoff and I attended two chorus performances. Katie performed in the HS chorus on Tuesday night and Madeleine performed in the Middle School chorus last night. We have been attending these shows since the girls were in elementary school. Twice a year. As much as I love to see my girls perform in any and all of their activities, I must admit that sometimes these chorus (and Jazz Band concert combos in HS) get a little old. They tend to last up to 2 hours and there are multiple choruses and band configurations to watch. Do I sound like a terrible mom? Maybe I am.

Last night I realized that we were attending the last of TWELVE concerts at the Middle School. And that's just Middle School. Usually I feel a little cranky about these events. But this year I felt much more nostalgic. Maybe it's because it was the LAST time I would sit in the Middle School auditorium. Maybe it was the lovely speech that the 8th grade made to thank Mrs. Thurber, the chorus director (who Katie absolutely loved). Maybe it's because it hit me that my girls really are growing up and moving closer and closer to independence. Maybe it's because at the very end of the show, Madeleine had a solo and she ROCKED THE HOUSE! Go Madeleine! Whatever it was, I felt a weird combination of nostalgia and excitement. Excitement like I used to feel when my kids were younger and attending school events was novel and something I looked forward to. Not sure exactly when I stopped feeling this way, but I'm glad I experienced that feeling again last night. I hope it continues for these next four years. My last four years with at least one of my girls at home. Somehow the reality of that fact is starting to sink in. And I know how fast 4 years will pass. But, the good news is that I still have 8 more concerts to attend. And next year I will have the joy of seeing both of my girls perform in the same chorus. That is something novel and exciting to look forward to.

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Terra said...

Perfect timing, I was just complaining about how tired I am of going on field trips...I suppose I will get all teary eyed when I realize my days of field tripping are ending...Frankly I am not even sure how I will handle Hailey leaving pre-school...Sometimes I hate that they grow up.

Tammy Howard said...

I've got an orchestra concert next week, and I feel exactly the same way about them. I would really much rather just hear one schools performance. I like hearing my girls perform. It is less enchanting to watch the older and younger kids - in whom I have no vested interest - perform. So I guess if you're a bad mom, well, scoot over and make room for one more in that club.

Yay for an awesome solo!!!!!

Alex the Girl said...

I love watching my girls perform. It tears me up just seeing their talent. I keep trying to convince my oldest to take choir for her senior year (her voice is amazing and the little bits of training she'd get would help), but she's not having anything to do with it.

Tammy said it all, while you listen for every squeak coming out of your child's horn, it's torture to hear someone else's child squeak it out as well. I think I take the bad parent of the year cake; I've never been on a single band parent committee in my life!

Anita said...

I think as my girls are getting so much older I've become aware of each event that I'll soon be saying, "that is the last of that one". For me it's been more about sports than performing arts, though in grade school we have been more than our share of Christmas pageants and evening of the arts and the list goes on. I agree with Tammy and Alex, there are many times I wish I could sneak out the back after my little star has performed. I love watching my girls play sports, but if they are sitting for some reason,the games because much more tedious.
How fun you do have the opportunity to see your girls preform together next year, that will be so special!

kel said...

I cannot wait for Ros to join the school orchestra. Right now she is begging for violin lessons... I'm looking into it.

Pam said...

Terra - Fieldtrips. Well, if you've got one in preschool you've got "miles to go before you sleep" on that one. In our school district they go on fieldtrips, with parent volunteers, right up until 8th grade. My 8th grader will be going on her last one next Friday. I asked her if she wanted me to chaperone. Since she didn't care one way or the other, I didn't sign up. Now I'm second guessing myself since it IS the very LAST time I will have this opportunity. Oh well.

Tammy - There's always room for more members in the terrible mother club. Welcome!

Alex - I get all teary when my girls perform as well. But, I haven't served on any parent committees in years. I burned out and got tired of all the "mommy politics".

Anita - I AM looking forward to seeing Katie and Madeleine sing in the same chorus next year. Next year will be the first (and last) time since Katie was in 3rd grade and Madeleine was in Kindergarten that they are in the same school. I remember thinking about that when Madeleine went into 1st grade. It seemed so far away. And now... It's almost here. Time sure does fly.

kel - Wow! Violin. That's a tough instrument to learn. Unfortunately neither one of my girls was ever very interested in learning to play an instrument. Madeleine played a little bit in elementary school as part of a school program, but she never really pursued it. Katie took piano lessons for awhile, but same thing. Too bad. I wish they had stuck with it. But, I guess for them their voices are their "instrument".

Kathy B! said...

You aren't a bad mom! We all feel like this sometimes. The part I love was when you said you unexpectedly felt excited... we all feel like that too! Thanks for putting a name to what so many of us feel :)

Mama Nut said...

Wow, you're amazing. There is no way I could sit through that many concerts a year! I found your blog through the bloggy-vine, so to speak. I LOVE your design! Off to read some more of your posts!

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day! I am so impressed with your blog. I absolutely LOVE your design, layout and colors. Have a great weekend!!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Do I sound like a terrible mom?"

Absolutely not. Sometimes we do what we have to do, with feigned interest. Gets harder as we get older and go through it again and again. But I guess we have to remember how special it is to that child. I say that as my husband and I commented after the baseball banquet Wednesday night - Only one more of those left to attend. But some day, we will wish we had one to attend. I think.

FranticMommy said...

It's fun to read this post and all the comments because we are just ENTERING that whole school craziness thing. Our oldest is in Kindergarten (kinda interesting for a 43 year old Mommy) and I got all misty-eyed and weepy at "Poetry and Punch" last week. I hope I never lose that feeling. Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Kathy - I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this. But, I can completely understand why no one wants to talk about it. Leave it to me to be the one to "open THAT can of worms". That's sort of my personality, in general, I think!

Mama Nut - Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you found me through the bloggy-vine. How cool is that? I hope you find something here that you like and that you'll come by again.

Nicki and Mathis- Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I absolutely LOVE it. It was designed by Lindsdey Joy Desgins - her button is on my sidebar, if you (or anyone else) is interested!

Jobhunter - I just know you are right and one day (not too far in the future) my husband and I will be sitting in a very quiet house and wishing we had just one more chorus concert to attend. Hopefully, after several quiet years we can attend our grandchildren's events. But, for the next 4 years I will try to focus on enjoying the remaining events. Thanks for the reality check.

Mommy - I fondly remember the early years when every event was exciting and so special. I hope you never lose that feeling, too.


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