Saturday, May 16, 2009

TV Quick Quips

For what it's worth, here's my opinion of this week's episodes of my favorite shows:

The Tudors - Can't believe that there are only 2 more episodes this season. I love these Showtime and HBO shows, but the seasons are so short. This season has been so fascinating as a study of the history of this time period. The first two seasons were really more about Henry and his relationships with his wives (and mistresses), but this season has been like a history lesson. I LOVE it! As I've said in the past, I'm fascinated with this time period and I'm enjoying watching history come alive.

American Idol - First, did anyone else think that Kati Perry's cape with Adam's name embroidered on it was extremely inappropriate? Seemed very insensitive to me. AND, I thought if anyone should have been eliminated, it should have been her. She was, without a doubt, the worse singer there Wednesday night. Also, I wonder why Kris was the first person to be told that he was safe. Did they really think they were amping up the suspense and that we might actually believe Adam would be leaving? Come on! As soon as they said Kris was safe, I KNEW that Danny would be going home. Regardless of the fact that he had never been in the bottom three and Adam had. That strategy totally backfired, IMO. As for the final two. I think they got it right. Adam's always been my first choice. And between Danny and Kris, while I've been disappointed in each of them at different times, I think Kris is a more versatile singer. He really does make many of the songs "his own" - to quote the judges. I can't remember any other idol contestant who has done that as successfully as Kris. At this point, I would be pleased if either of them win.

LOST - OK, I know I've said in the past that I like the LOST recap shows. And I do. But, come on! Do we really need one right before a 2 hour finale? That is just WAY too much of a time commitment for this busy mom, wife, part-time librarian ... person with a life! I will admit that I watched about 2 minutes of the recap and then switched to American Idol. I watched the actual episode later on DVR. And here's my reaction.... WTF? That was 2 bloody (literally) hours just to have the bomb go off. Really the rest was just "fluff". Except seeing who Jacob is. But in the end did that even matter since he ended up going up in smoke? Whatever. Final season.... bring it on!

The Office - I had NO idea that this week's show was the finale until I saw a commercial on Tuesday! I was so not expecting that. I knew it would be soon, but since I hadn't seen anything during the previous episode, I assumed I had at least 2 more weeks. What a shock! And speaking of shocks, I sure wasn't expecting a JAM baby! How cute was it that Jim had tears in his eyes at the end of the episode? I must say, The Office always has really good finales! So, now the question is.... Will we have a JAM wedding before the arrival of the JAM baby? I sure hope so. It would be a real bummer for all the JAM fans if we don't get to see a JAM wedding. I sure hope next season doesn't open with Jim and Pam already married. The Office finales always leave me on the edge of my seat and hankering for the new season. *sigh*

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Reeni♥ said...

Came from SITS to say hi! You were the comment above me. I gave up on Lost this season. It started to be too much of a chore to watch it. Lost is the perfect name for it-even the actors in the show can't follow the story line from what I've seen of them doing interviews.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, that JAM moment produced the squee heard round the world - not unlike the JAM kiss during the season finale a couple seasons ago. They are just too cute and sweet and I thought it was great that we just got to watch their reactions and let that speak to us without hearing a word.

Micheal's gonna wait for and work for Holly. Awwwwww.

No WAY would they deprive the fans of a JAM wedding. (I loved watching Phyllis's wedding through my fingers - Micheal's behavior was so cringe worthy!)

An excellent finale - sad it's over for a while, though, too.

Terra said...

Just saying HI!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I only got to see the last 20 minutes of Lost due to the baseball banquet. Quite dramatic for what I saw. Perhaps the best of the three hours?

Yes, I'm ready for the final season. How many months will be wait this time?

Pam said...

Reeni - Thanks for visiting. I agree with your assessment of LOST. But I'm so invested now, it's become a point of pride (stubbornness?) to see it through to the end. Even if it kills me. Which it very well may.

Tammy - I heard the squee! Heck, I made the squee! Loved how we didn't hear their words, just saw their reactions. I think they've used this technique before. Loved the season 2 "kiss finale" and the season 3 "it's a date finale". The writers of this show know who to do finales. *ahem* LOST writers are you listening? Are you?

Terra - Hello to you, too!

Jobhunter - Oh that's right. I completely forgot that LOST doesn't start until February (I think). I actually don't mind that, because in season 2 they started in September and then had to skip weeks and show reruns. Totally does not work with this show. The fans complained and the following season they started in Jan/Feb and ran straight through. No skipped shows, no reruns. Much better. But, I had forgotten about the long wait. Oh well. Maybe that will give me time to forget about how frustrated I am with trying to keep up with and understand this show.

Bethany said...

YAY for the Office little babe! I was surprised by that, but pleasantly so :) I'm excited for the next season now!

Pam said...

Bethany - I completely agree. I was not expecting a JAM pregnancy. I would not have been surprised if there was an impromptu wedding, but a baby! I was caught completely off guard. And I can't wait to see what next season brings, either.

Clare said...

embarassing admission: I re-watched the ending when JAM found out they were pregnant, on 4 times!! When Jim had tears in his eyes I did too!

Agree with you on the Idol Two. Both of them have great careers ahead of them so it doesn't matter who wins at all.

Pam said...

Clare - Nothing to be embarassed about. We DVRd The Office and I thought about rewinding and watching that scene over and over, too. I didn't and now I regret it. I'll have to check out Hulu. (Thanks for the tip).

Gibby said...

Totally agree about Katy Perry's cape. Felt sort of bad for the other guys. But then I got over it.

(Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!)

Pam said...

Gibby - I felt bad for the other guys, too. And then she started to sing and I felt bad for the listeners. She doesn not sound as good live as she does on her CDs.

Gamma Sharon said...

I am actually glad Kris is one of the last two... sorry I am late on this post but Kris did really good tonight too. I still think Adam will win but Kris gave him a good run. And yes, Katy Peri was extremely inappropriate and the worst singer that night.

Lost... I am glad we are coming up to the last season too.

Pam said...

Sharon - I'm really happy about Kris in the finale as well. I always love a (deserving) underdog. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Katy Perry. Apparently we are in good company on wanting LOST to just be over already!


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