Friday, August 7, 2009

Rant and Rave

The tagline of my blog is Rambles, Rants and Reviews. And while I do quite a few Reviews and many of my posts Ramble, I don't Rant a lot here. Well fasten your seat belt, because I'm about to RANT (and I may Ramble a bit as well).

If you live in the Northeast you are well aware that weather-wise we have been having a crappy summer. It basically rained from April until June and since I've been back from vacation (mid-July), it's been hot and humid. So, yeah, the weather sucks.

Now I'm not typically one to complain (or gloat) about the weather. Really, the weather doesn't effect me all that much. But when I heard our local weather person say that today was going to be one of the 10 BEST DAYS OF SUMMER I wanted to reach through the TV and wring her neck. Why, you ask? Because I have to work today. No big deal I know. Lots of people work. Yeah, yeah, I know. But you see, I work part-time. Very part-time. I only work every other Friday and it's only on those Fridays that I work a full day (10-5). And guess what today is. FRIDAY! So not only do I have to work on one of the 10 BEST DAYS OF SUMMER. I have to work ALL DAY. ARGGH!!!

What I want to know now is - How many of those 10 best days have already passed? I can't really recall any. Maybe I'll get lucky and still be able to enjoy the other 9. I sure hope so.

OK, rant over. Thanks for listening. I've got to go now. I need to finish getting ready for work!
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MissKris said...

After 10 straight days of temps in the 90s-100s, I am NOT complaining about the clouds and temps around 70 today. I didn't think our heat wave was EVER going to go away. And here in the NW, 10 days of that in a row was a record-breaker. But my in sick, ha!

Miss Lady Grey said...

I know how you feel, but in reverse. I work full time, and long hours. I'll go for weeks, working away with beautiful weather. Then, I take one day off, and the weather is crappy. When I go back to work the next day, the weather is nice again. Go figure!

Anita said...

Pam, you crack me up!!! I'd be emailing that weather person and asking how many top 10 days are left!!!???

I hope it is perhaps one of the top 5 evenings of summer and you will be home, or at the very least off work to enjoy it!

FranticMommy said...

I can relate on the crappy weather. I think we have had ONE 90 degree day. we get up every morning and it's 50 degress, by noon it's in the 70's. And it's been that way for MONTHS. Personally, I'm lovin it, but it is crampin our beach going and pool swimming in a big way.

Alex the Girl said...

OH this made me giggle. I'm so sorry to be laughing at your rant, but I can hear the outrage pouring out through your words even. It's too bad you can't run the library from outside! Here's to the next nine days...I wonder if they like skipping a week?

Have a wonderful weekend, very wonderful indeed. You totally made me smile tonight, and just when I needed to!

Tammy Howard said...

I always feel guilty when I'm out and about on a nice dasy snd someone working - waiting on me - asks how the weather is. I try very hard to downplay it. "It's, um, nice, I guess..." I don't know who I'm kidding, because they've been asking the same question all day - they know darn well how nice it is - but it just always feels like - well - you used the word yourself - gloating.

I hope you get to enjoy the other nine!

Ginger said...

And to continue the rant:

It's friggin HOT! I have to move! When you can't go outside between the hours of 8AM and 10PM because of a heat index warning - where not even swimming can cool you off, or if it does, the air quality is so poor that you'll asphyxiate anyway, so what's the point?- you know you are living in hell!
Ooh. Much better. Thanks.

And you're right. Weather people who actually get to go out on "perfect" days suck.

Kathy B! said...

I think all of our perfect days got used up in the spring. I'm just marking time until the fall season rolls in...

Gamma Sharon said...

Our summer hasn't been that great either... yesterday we had hale(not sure if that is the way you spell it) the size of golf balls and bigger. Blew a few holes in my daughters porch awning, but that is all. Not any real damage... I am glad I didn't get caught out in it!

Sandy said...

For every day like we had Saturday (the point of your rant) we have 5 days that are less than perfect.....that's New England weather for ya!


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