Monday, January 18, 2010

TV Quick Quips

I'm embarrassed to be posting two TV Quick Quips back to back, but aside from the fact that I've had a very busy week, I also haven't had much to say. So it's two Quips it is...

Here's my take on this week's episodes of my favorite shows:

The Golden Globes - I don't usually watch award shows, but I was really excited to see Ricky Gervais host. I was disappointed that the host plays such a small part in these shows. I was expecting him to be "on" more. I also didn't think he was all that funny. I had higher expectations based on other things I have seen him do. I still watched the whole show and I enjoyed seeing all the celebs in an a relaxed party-like atmosphere. And it was fun to see all the lovely gowns. My favorite of the night was Toni Collette's beaded gown. I thought she looked very glamorous. My least favorite was Cher dressed up as Elvira. Horrible. Is it possible to look more plastic and freaky? (Maybe if you're Joan Rivers dressed as a vampiress for Halloween).

The Biggest Loser - First I'm going to quip about last week's episode since I didn't get a chance to see it until this week. One thing I've noticed about this season's contestants is that they are all likable. So eliminations are very difficult. I don't want anyone to go. I was not surprised that Patti sacrificed herself in the elimination so that her daughter could stay. What mother wouldn't do that? I was glad that everyone respected her wishes and voted for her. After listening to the kind words everyone spoke about Patti, I really wished I had more chance to see her on the show. It seems as though she is a genuinely kind and caring person. And who doesn't love someone like that? As for this week's episode, again I wasn't surprised that Maria sacrificed herself for her son. And I still think everyone is pretty likable. Though Melissa (red team) has me very confused. Sometimes I really love her, but sometimes I'm just not quite sure. Is she a master manipulator or not? What do you think?

Modern Family - This week hit very close to home for me and my family. When it comes to technology I am just like Claire. We got HD TV, DVR and a new DVD player for Christmas 2008. I had to relearn how to use the remote (actually there are two of them) in order to switch from TV to DVD. And if that wasn't hard enough, I had to figure out how to use the DVR. I actually had to create a cheat sheet. And it never fails that I screw something up when I'm home alone. And just like Claire, I've called Geoff at work and asked him to walk me through using the remote. So, yeah, I loved this episode.

The Office - Finally a new episode! Or was it?! I'm torn between feeling completely ripped off and nostalgic by the "recap" type episode of The Office. It was a nice journey back to the beginning and a reminder of what made the show so great to begin with. But considering the show has been on a month long hiatus, a montage of old scenes with very little new content was more than a little lame. Couldn't they have saved that for later on in the season? NBC better throw the fans of The Office a bone soon. I know I'm definitely losing patience and I can only assume that other fans are as well.


Karen said...

I still watch the Golden Globes every year, even though they drive me crazy. Did you know there are only about 95 people in the Hollywood Foreign Press that even get to decide who the nominees and winners are? And I agree that Ricky Gervais was a fairly bland host.

Miss The Office this week...Guess I didn't really miss anything.

Anita said...

I loved Modern Family this week.
I like awards shows.............I know crazy!!!


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