Saturday, January 16, 2010

TV Quick Quips

Here's my take on this week's episodes of my favorite shows:

American Idol: I love American Idol, but I usually don't watch the audition shows. I find them annoying and silly. Especially the goofy contestants who are just trying to have a few minutes on TV. But my younger daughter was watching on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I saw a few minutes of both episodes. I loved Katie, the teen from CT with the grandmother with Alzheimer's. She is my favorite - so far. Also, it was reported in our local paper that a 16 year old girl (Ellery Bonham) from a neighboring town also auditioned and was given a golden ticket. She didn't get any air time, but this is very exciting. Especially since she is a classmate of my friend Margaret's sons. I actually had a chance to hear Ellery sing last spring at her HS talent show. She is amazing. I hope she makes it. But the thing that really struck me about this show is how likable Victoria Beckham is and how horrible Mary J. Blige is. Based on the little bit I've seen of both of these ladies on TV and in interviews, I would have thought the exact opposite. Victoria Beckham is poised, kind and ladylike. Mary J. Blige, on the other hand, was little more than a catty HS girl. Just goes to show - first impressions can be misleading. Did anyone else notice this or feel the same? Or disagree?

The Biggest Loser: I haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode of The Biggest Loser. I will quip about this episode and the next one next week.

Modern Family: The final "Was it hot"? scene was fantastic! Way to end on a high note. I will admit that this was the first time that I thought one of the story lines wasn't all that funny. The whole Mitch/Cam gardener wedding scene was just not all that funny and neither was the Phil/Gloria dog butler story. There were still hysterical lines and it's still my new favorite show, but this was the weakest episode, in my opinion.

The Office: WTF?! No new episode -AGAIN!! This week I took upon myself to check and see what the heck is going on. Apparently the next new episode will be next week on January 21st. It makes me very suspicious that NBC felt it was OK not to air a new episode for something like 4 or 5 weeks. Anyone else think this does not bode well for The Office? Oh well. I hate to say it, but I think maybe The Office is on its way out...

Here are a few upcoming TV "events" I'm looking forward to:

The Golden Globes - I don't usually watch award shows, but this one will be hosted by Ricky Gervais (creator and actor on the original The Office on BBC). Have you seen the commercials? He is hysterical. One of my favorite actor/comedians. Can't wait to see him as host. It's sure to be hilarious. Airing Sunday, January 17.

Lost - The sixth and final season of Lost premieres on Tuesday, February 2. As you may remember, I've been watching this since the beginning and I'm so confused and frustrated by this show. Many times I've thought about abandoning it, but I'm determined to hang in there until the end and find out what the heck is going on. Well, I may be disappointed. According to an article I just read in the paper the creators of this show have said that Lost will end without answering all the viewer's questions. What?! You've got to be kidding me. I've been confused and frustrated for all this time thinking it would all come together at the end and NOW they're telling us that won't be the case. Ugh! Well, I've hung in there this long. I'm going to hang on until the bitter end. And I do mean bitter.

Parenthood - A week or so ago I saw an ad for a new show debuting mid-season called Parenthood. Its based on a movie of the same name and is being directed by Ron Howard. Peter Krause (of Six Feet Under and Dirty Sexy Money) is one of the stars and it looks promising. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Premieres Monday, March 1.

Glee - The second half of Glee's first season is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 13. I had given up on this show, but the last episode before the hiatus seemed to have redeemed the show for me. We'll see.

Friday Night Lights - And in breaking news (announced on Thursday), Friday Night Lights will be back for a fourth season on Friday, April 30!!! Yay!! I really loved this show, especially the first two seasons. The third season seemed to get away from the story lines that made the show great to begin with, but maybe the fourth season will get back to basics. Here's hoping.

How about you? Any shows you're looking forward to?


FranticMommy said...

I keep wanting catch Glee because I've heard so much about it. What night is it on?

Elizabeth said...

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Melissa B. said...

I started watching Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago, and really like it. I can't believe that Nikki, the sexy gf from Michael Fox's Spin City, is the mom/high school principal. And she's good in the role, too! Have a Happy Sunday...

Word Vomit Extraordinaire

Karen said...

I haven't watched American Idol in a couple of years and I didn't see it this week, but I've had Pants on the Ground stuck in my head for days!

The Office is still getting monster ratings, despite it's less-than-stellar season. So, yeah, I think NBC is right that they'll survive a month-long hiatus just fine.

I'm looking forward to Parenthood. I really loved the movie and I hope this version of the show holds up better than the last attempt did.

LOST. Words cannot express how excited/sad I am for this final season. And, no, they aren't going to answer every question. But Carlton and Damon have said over and over again that we'll know everything we need to know to understand the story and to have a general idea of what happened to all the characters. Some things will always stay a mystery, but the main storylines will be resolved. And I'm guessing they will have a satisfying conclusion. The bosses know the fate of their careers rests on the final 13 episodes.

Alex the Girl said...

First of all, it cracked me up to see you post WTF? Just thought I'd add that in. We have been anxiously awaiting the return of "Big Love" on HBO, and I must say, the first episode did not disappoint. If the rest of the season follows this example, it will be quite refreshing. I'm a sideline American Idol watcher. My girls will have it on, and I'll go in and out catching bits and pieces, so other than the "pants on the ground" (which they made me look up on youtube), I haven't seen much.

I am excited, though, that Showtime has put season one of "The Tudors" on demand. It's the one season I missed. Looking for that one to start up again (poor Catherine Howard...her neck is looking mighty stretchy).

boliyou said...

I just love Modern Family and Glee. I'm going to miss Glee while it's on hiatus, but I'm looking fofrward to Parenthood - loved the movie - and LOST. Have you seen the awesome "Lost Supper" promo shots?

Danielle said...

I can say I was kinda disappointed by the newest Modern Family too...

Stoppin' by from SITS.

Sandy said...

Watched Golden Globes tonight. We really need to get HBO. That's all I've got to say....that and I've got a few movies to see before the Oscars.

I like Friday Night Lights, too, but I have to get hold of the remote before your father does if I want to watch it 'cause he hates the show. Not sure why....probably too much talking.

Ginger said...

Absolutely, I'm watching Glee, Castle (!), and Mondern Family. I'm still into Ugly Betty and Criminal Minds, though they stay in the TiVo cue longer than anything else.

Missy said...

I can't wait for LOST!

Stopping in from SITS.

ModernMom said...

Oh I have been hanging on watching Lost b/c the first season was so so good..then it went kind of wacko? I'm going to watch the last season but they had better wrap it up baby! Unanswered questions. Not acceptable.

Gamma Sharon said...

Wow, it has been a long time since I have gotten to get on the computer for any amount of time, much less blog or comment. I have to go back quite a ways to get caught up with all you have been doing and I have to say I have missed you and your blog. I am hoping I will be back at it! I can't wait for Lost but I am disappointed that they wont be telling us all the answers :( I wanted to watch Glee but again I have not watched much of anything... I am so behind on everything!

Cassie said...

I love Glee and the Office! I just started watching Modern Family and I think it's hilarious. And I seriously cannot wait for the new season of LOST!

Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day :)

Angelia said...

I can't wait to see LOST. Of course, I know I'll be lost at the end of the final season, but I guess that's why I love it.


Debbie said...

I love Lost. The great thing about me is that I am so forgetful, I won't remember if they answered all of my questions or not:)

Sue Jackson said...

Pam -

I'm way behind, too, and just now reading your previous week's post!

We only recently started watching Modern Family, and it's really growing on me. I found last week's episode hilarious!! I LOVED the whole dog butler bit (aka Barkley) - I don't know why, it just struck me as funny.

We are HUGE Lost fans and can't wait for the last season. I saw the guy who plays Sawyer on Tv recently, and he said even HE doesn't know how it ends! Our son, who's 15, just recently started watching Lost, from the beginning on DVD, and he is totally hooked now! He's up to season 3.

I can't wait for Parenthood! That was one of my all-time favorite movies EVER! I'd really like the DVD of it - one of those rare gems that makes you laugh out loud AND cry. Great cast, too. I hope the TV show is good.

We're watching the Saints play right now - our old home team!



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