Sunday, March 22, 2009

TV Quick Quips

Sorry these are a day late. Good thing I have DVR, because I just couldn't seem to find time to watch much TV this week. Luckily, Madeleine and I were on our own last night and she and I were able to catch up on the shows I hadn't seen yet. Good thing I had already watched Big Love, that one is definitely not suitable for teenagers.

Big Love - Maybe I'm wrong about Nicki having Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe Barb is right and she's a sociopath. Or, maybe she's both.

Flight of the Conchords - I hope that if I am ever mugged it is by a "pro-bono" mugger!

American Idol - Does Adam remind anyone else of a punk rock, emo, Elvis Presley? Oh, and I have a new favorite - Danny Gokey! Loved him this week.

The Office - I'm sorry, but a fumbling, foolish Jim is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Don't do it again. I mean it.

LOST - Whoa! Sun smashed Ben with an oar! I was NOT expecting that. You go girl!

Friday Night Lights - Any other moms of teens out there memorize Tammy's "conversation" with Julie? I wish I could channel my inner Tammy when I'm dealing with my teenage daughters. She is such a great mom. I wish I was more like her (and not just because her husband is adorable)!


A Psych Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Big Love--I think Nicki is both!

angie said...

I've heard good things about Flight of the Conchords, but unfortunately I don't get that channel.

LOVE The Office and I totally agree with you about Jim.

Lost - Good for Sun! Sometimes, for some reason, it's easy to forget, but Ben is NOT a good guy!

Alex the Girl said...

AND, did Joey actually kill Roman? Will Roman stay dead? And...did you find this season to be a good one, but the some of the story lines really fast paced? One thing though, this season has me becoming rather curious about the Morman faith.

Danny is my new idol favorite as well.

Debbie said...

I was just so proud of Sun for that oar thing! She is my new hero:)

Karen Brown Letarte said...

This is too funny. You watch all the same shows my Darlin' Companion (and therefore, I) watch! And you share all of his opinions. You should check out his reviews at

Lost: I loved it when Sun said, after the oar smashing, "I lied."

About Idol: sorry, but we pray daily for the ouster of Adam, he drives us both crazy! Danny has been my favorite since the first time I heard him sing.

Big Love: I am probably the only person on the planet sympathetic to Nicki. If Bill doted on her the way he does Margene, I bet she'd be fine. I think she just needs to feel loved and understood. That being said, can you believe she and her scummy brother went all menendez? That episode was quite the show!

:) Karen

Pam said...

Hi Psych Mommy - I'm still not sure about what Nicki's diagnosis should be, but since you're a psychologist, BOTH it is.

Angie - You simply must watch Flight of the Conchords. It's available on DVD. So funny!

Alex - I agree. This show really makes me want to learn more about Mormonism. I wonder if there really are polygamists living in society and not just on compounds? Hmm...

Debbie- Loved Sun in that moment. Even more than I already did.

Hi Karen. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely take a look at your DC's blog. Sounds great. And you're not alone in your dislike of Adam. My friend can't stand him either. He must be this season's contestant you either love or hate. So far I love him. Ah, Nicki. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I hate her - hence the Multiple Personality Disorder. I hadn't thought about the attention from Bill factor. You might be right about that.

I haven't seen the latest episode of Big Love so I can't comment on Menendez and Joey possibly killing Roman, yet. But, I will as soon as I see the episode. Now you've got me itching to see it.

Come back next week and we can really talk about it. Hope to see you all then!


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